Loan and Credit is a loan broker that is quite new to us and was founded in 2012. In comparison, loan brokers Lendo was founded in 2007 and Advisa in 2011 to take two examples. We think loan brokers are a very good service where you as a consumer can easily compare loans and put banks against each other with just one application and therefore we follow loan brokers slavishly.

And will also do so with Loan and Credit to see that they kept the measure. We have included them in our lists because we believe it. But they still have to prove that we are right about them. In 2015, they traded about 5.5 million, and we can also compare Lendo with about 255 million in 2015 and Advisa, which had about 55 million in 2015. This way you can compare the size quite well.

Loan and Credit loan brokerage

Loan and Credit loan brokerage

That is, a company that collects banks and compares them against each other in order to get the best interest rate and terms possible. Which lender to choose is clearly difficult to know and therefore we try to list which banks all lenders cooperate with and then you can choose from it.

Then one should obviously choose a loan broker that is free. That is, compare loans for you completely free of charge. Loan and Credit is free of charge and it appears on the front page when you visit their website. At Loan and Credit you can send in an application to borrow money and get answers within 24 hours if you can borrow and how much. You can borrow between USD 10,000 and USD 400,000. And you can choose between a repayment period of 1 year up to 15 years.

What interest do I get from Loan and Credit?

What interest do I get from Loan and Credit?

Loan and Credit is a loan broker and the banks you compare through them have different interest rates. Therefore, you need to submit an application to find out what interest rate you are getting. A bank makes an assessment of how much risk they think it is to lend you money and the greater risk they think it is the more paid they take. At the time of writing, for example, it is possible to get an interest rate between 3.5% up to 29%.

Loan and Credit loan brokers


Loan and Credit is a loan broker and what it means is that you send in an application to Loan and Credit to give them your wish to receive the best possible offer on private loans. Then Loan and Credit sets banks against each other to find the best interest rate and terms for you. Which banks Loan and Creditly compare to you can see under the guide Which banks have Loan and Credit.

If Loan and Credit is good or bad we cannot answer but we have done so that we have a page where you as a visitor can read and leave reviews and ratings on Loan and Credit and you will find it under Loan and Credit review. Then you can look into Loan and Credit review if you want to know what we think after following the loan market every day since its start in 2010.

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