This month the mortgage loan standards 2018 have been announced. Are you a starter and looking for your first home? Then of course you are curious about your maximum mortgage loan loan. How much can you borrow as a starter in 2018 for a home? Criticism at

In this blog we explain the most important changes in the loan standards. Then calculate your maximum mortgage loan amount on Incidentally, the new mortgage loan standards 2018 are also decisive for homeowners who want to increase their current mortgage loan or want to switch to another bank.

mortgage loan standards 2018 changed on a few points

mortgage loan standards 2018 changed on a few points

Almost every year the standards for borrowing money for a house are changed on a couple of points. mortgage loan standards have also been adjusted for the coming year. It has been known for a while that the maximum mortgage loan will be reduced in small steps. In 2017 you can only borrow 101% based on the appraised house value. In 2018, the maximum mortgage loan will decrease further to 100% of the house value. The income also determines to a large extent how much you can borrow. To calculate this, the government looks at the purchasing power development for the coming year.

In summary:

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Your maximum mortgage loan will become 100% of the home value in 2018. How much you can actually borrow, that also depends on the level of your income and the purchasing power development.

Maximum mortgage loan decreases further in 2018

In 2018, home buyers can borrow less on the basis of the house value. The maximum mortgage loan is then only 100% of the value. The appraisal value of your current or future home, that is the amount that you can borrow. The extra costs when buying a house are for your own account. At extra costs you should think of KK (costs Buyer). The Costs of Purchaser – roughly 6% of the value of the housing – consist of the following costs:

  1. valuation costs;
  2. notary fees;
  3. transfer tax;
  4. costs for taking out mortgage loan and NHG.

Only lend extra money for savings and improvement

Once there were times when home buyers could take out an extra high mortgage loan. Borrowing up to 108% of the house value or more, that was customary. Times are changing. Extra loan, so that you can pay the costs for furnishing and / or refurbishing a home, that is no longer possible. You even have to bring your own money. However, you can borrow extra when you have to implement energy-saving measures or make necessary home improvements .


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